Sorority Housing

Located in the Student Housing area, Primrose Sorority Housing is the best place to build strong relationships.  Coming from a diverse background, we are proud to say Primrose Sorority has been named one of the best sororities in the nation. 

To support our mission to build a life long relationship among the members, we provide high quality housing & services to our sorority sisters! Once you join the sorority, your room and board will be paid for by the school and you will have access to many services for free also. 

In the Sorority Hall, the bottom floor is dedicated to academic achievements. Our sorority is known for its successful members. To be able to provide you with all possible opportunities, there are tutors and study rooms available at this hall during evening hours. 

Music room has a piano and two guitars that are available for anybody who would like to play.  (Please respect others while playing the instruments and use them carefully) 

Vending machines are located at the end of the hallway on each floor. If you need midnight snacks you don't have to go far. 


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